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Why You Should Choose Our Service

Why You Should Choose Our Service


Amazing Success Tutors is a Tutoring Agency that, although based in Blackpool, has excellent and highly qualified teachers all around the UK. These Tutors are current School teachers, and they are totally conversant with what is needed to help your child succeed.

Unlike some other agencies, we do not allow current students or non-qualified teachers to teach our clients. We prefer to utilize the services of highly qualified teachers who are currently teaching in UK Schools. As a result, we may not be the cheapest around, but we are proud of our expertise and our students’ results.

We cover many subjects at Primary, Secondary, GCSE and Advanced Levels.

– English Language and Literature
– Mathematics
– Sciences – Physics, Chemistry, Biology
and other subjects like:
– Psychology
– Philosophy
– Spanish
– French and so on.

Online Tutoring Preferred.

The only snag is – We prefer to teach you ONLINE VIA ZOOM.
Why? Well, apart from the COVID19 and other problems connected to face-to-face interactions, it will also be more expensive for you, because your Tutor -if they happen to live in your town, may ask for transport money in addition to the hourly charge.

Consider a Tutor who lives in London and has to travel by train or drive a good distance to come to your house! The number of hours spent on travelling and the inconvenience involved, could cost you extra!
So, wouldn’t be easier to just learn at home from your laptop or computer? It is still face-to face – the only difference is – you are not physically present!

Much more convenient for everyone.

It is also much easier for everyone! Your tutor can be anywhere in the UK and your child can be in your location and be taught by an expert who will do the following:

– Make sure that your child is fully conversant with all that is needed for him to achieve his/her highest potential in the subject
-Base Your child’s lessons exactly on the Exam Board’s Syllabus
-Utilize Past Exam questions to teach your child, so he/she is familiar with the sort of questions usually set for that examination
-Mark all set work so your child fully understands what is required

– Follow up on your child’s schoolwork ,so that he/she is “flying high” at school

– Give your child a lot of practice work which the tutor will mark

– Give your child the next steps to work on, to improve his/her performance.

– We provide complete academic support for your child

– The Manager – Dr Grace Anderson – is very supportive and

 very easy to speak to.

– And so much more that will give you peace of mind and your child the best chance to achieve excellent grades in his /her examinations.

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