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Welcome to Amazing Success Tutors!

Welcome to Amazing Success Tutors!


Please browse through our website and enrol your child for our Quality Tutoring Service. If you have been wondering whether or not your child needs a Tutor, the answer is a DEFINITE YES! 

Children need help at the best of times, let alone, these difficult times of the Pandemic, which has robbed children of their precious learning times, due to lockdowns imposed by the UK Governement, in an effort to keep us all safe from the COVID19.

Unfortunately, however, the Months keep running along – and before we knew it, 2020 ran off, without us achieveing much. Then 2021 also started with a lockdown. Children have missed out a lot on their education. Teachers have tried, but they too are worried that there isn’t just enough time in the academic year, to cover the Syllabuses for each Key stage.

Children Need To Catch Up On Lost Learning.

That is a real problem. Children need to catch up on their lost learning. The School Teachers do not have enough time in the School Calender to cover everything.

That is where we, Amazing Success Tutors comes in. Private Tuition has been operating since Education began. 

The Difference Between Wealthy Children and Their Not-so-wealthy Peers.

What is the Difference Between “Poss” children Born to “Poss” Parents and the Ordinary Child Born to Ordinary Parents like You and Me?  Money or Wealth, I hear you say? Well, no. It’s wisdom. Wisdom is knowing what to do and when to do it.

Wise Parents who are not that wealthy know what to do to make sure their own children are able to do better than they have done, especially, educationally. So what do WISE parents do? They hire Private Tutors for their children! 

I did just that for my own children! They came out so much better for it – with several University degrees between them now.

So, Why Hire A Tutor?

It is important to get started on your studies now in order not to lose any more time.
There are always areas of a particular subject that students find difficult to understand.
The more you study or revise what you have already learnt, the faster you will have your confidence back.

One to One Tuition.

When you hire a tutor for your child, you will be giving him or her the opportunity to catch up on lost learning with a Specialist Teacher in that particular subject. The extra lessons will help your child regain his or her confidence in that subject. Not only that, your children will start enjoying his/her learning while in School and become more able to achieve highly. The teacher will explain what your child is finding difficult to understand at school, and give him/her time to get to ask questions, and gain greater clarity in that subject.

Total Dedication to Your Child’s Success.

It is also handy to have your own tutor who is totally dedicated to your academic success. In the classrooms at School, the child may not be able to get the teacher’s attention because of the share number of students or pupils in the same class. Often times, the brightest and fastest children are the ones who get the teachers’ attention.
But at home, with his/her own tutor, the teacher will give his/her full attention to the student. The child stands a better chance of having difficult areas of the subject explained to him/her.

Make the Smart and Wise Decision Now.

Why waste any more time? Join us today to get started on your road to progress and excellent 



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