Students – Time to Prepare Well For Your Exams

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Are You Preparing Well For Your Examinations in June?

I am pretty sure you are making some effort on getting fully ready for whichever examination you are working towards, Year Six Final Exams, GCSE Exams or Your Advanced Level/Sixth Form Examinations.

Anxious times.

These need not be anxious times. Unfortunately, they are because of the COVID19 and all the times students lost during the lockdowns and home-schooling periods.

If you need extra help with your studies, we are here to help. Amazing Success Tutors are made up of current Primary and Secondary School teachers.

They understand your syllabus well and can help you with whatever topic you are struggling with an make it much easier for you to understand. 

How we help you prepare for success.

1. Studying Your Current Topics at School.

Your Tutor will help you understand what you are currently studying in class right now. That means that instead of trying to make sense of your subject all by yourself, your AST tutor will simplify the topic so that it is much easier for you to understand. The tutor can also help you with your homework by explaining to you how best to tackle the task you’ve been set.

2. Preparing for Your Coming Exam.

Our tutors utilize past-examination questions to teach you. This means that you are able to have numerous practice lessons where your Tutor can walk you through past examination questions form the actual Examination Board that your school has recommended – like AQA, EdExcel etc. You will then be much more confident that you are doing the right thing.

3. You Study at Home at Your Convenience.

All our lessons are now online via Zoom. This is particularly convenient for both you and your parents because you don’t need to leave home to go to the tutor’s house, nor does your parent or guardian have to stay at home to monitor what you and your tutor are doing during your lessons. If you parent decides to stay at home – especially if you a young person, while the lesson is going on online, that’s great too. But that would be a choice the parent makes.

4. For Your Peace of Mind.

Amazing Success Tutors only hires qualified, experienced and practising teachers. This means that all our teachers are DBS-checked and highly knowledgeable in their subject areas. That means that you can trust them not to do or say anything unprofessional to you. That is a way to give your parents a clear peace of mind.

Enrol With Us Today.

Why wait? The exams are quite close now and you need as much time as possible to get fully prepared.

So, enrol with us today and get started on your sure way to success.