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How to Study Effectively

How to Study Effectively

Study Guide For Students.

How to Study Effectively.

 Here’s a quick guide on How to Study Effectively in order to achieve exccellent results. To find out more about our Quality Tutoring Service, Click here.

Listening in Class. 

One sure step to success is by listening attentively in class, while your teacher is teaching. Paying attention to your teacher is a sign of intelligence, It means that you are taking your learning seiously. Do not listen to any one in class who is distracting you.

 Following Instructions carefully: Follow your  teachers’ instructions very carefully. 

Asking questions: Ask questions of  your teacher if you do not understand part of what he/she has taught. 

Exercises: Do all the exercises set. Then try some on your own. 

Homework: Do your homework without fail. 

Understand your mistakes: Make a note of the corrections or suggestions that your teacher made while marking your work. That way, you will understand why you made the mistake so that you don’t repeat it at another time. 

Corrections: Set time to make all the corrections. 

Practise and Re-learn: Re-learn all the bits you failed. Practise the questions and the topics over and over again. As  you must have heard, “Practice makes perfect”. 

Study ahead of the class: Study ahead of the class so that by the next time your tutor is in class, your understanding of the topic is way ahead of that of your classmates, and you will achieve higher than usual. 

Reference Books and Textbooks: Make sure you  have all the relevant reference books and text – books you require and that have  been recommended by your teacher, for example, the English Dictionary and others. 

The Internet: Use the internet  for research purposes only – do not plagiarise – that is copy and paste  paragraphs of something you found on the internet into your essays, as if it is  your own work. If discovered, your teacher might reject your work. Plagiarism is a serious offence. 

Study Timetable: Have a set  timetable for your home study and follow it rigidly. 

Employ a Tutor: Having a tutor helps you understand better what you were taught in school, so, enrolling with  Amazing Success Tutors is a very useful thing for your academic progress. 

Use your time well: Most students who  do not do well in school, often waste a lot of their time doing irrelevant  things – like watching television, playing games, etc. Everything that is worth  doing well, usually demands a lot of time. So, do use your time well – you are  sowing the best seeds possible for a brilliant future for yourself. 

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Here’s to your success!!
Dr G. Anderson.